Full support for checklist attendance, company registration at official Agencies, and complete maintenance of post-registration activities. 

  • Full support, in any place in Brazil, for obtaining licenses and registrations of companies of any size, activity, and segment. 
  • Development and review of technical, marketing, and labeling materials. 
  • Preparation of post-registration “Manual of Good Regulatory Practices” for companies: industry, trade, importer, exporter, warehouse, carrier, supplier, and registration holders.  
  • Assistance in the preparation of periodic reports that comply with Law 10.165/00 and others, specific to each segment attended by our company. 
  • Support services to import and export products and samples for experimental purposes and technical and commercial development, through our company Prophyto. 
  • Support for the logistics, transport, and storage of samples (room temperature and refrigerated). 
  • Due diligence and regulatory audit of companies and products.