Management and implementation of agronomic trials in the field, greenhouse, laboratory, and chambers (post-harvest) for any agricultural technology: pesticides, fertilizers, biostimulants, inoculants, seeds (conventional and GMO), and veterinary. 

  • Detailed planning and setting up the protocols for the trials. 
  • Identification of the main areas for carrying out the trials in any region and period, to meet the requirements of product registration, marketing, screening, or internal knowledge. 
  • Selection of qualified CROs to carry out each specific trial. 
  • Management of efficacy trials carried out in the field, greenhouse, or chambers (post-harvest), generation of samples for analysis of residues, or other purposes. 
  • Legal support in the preparation and analysis of contracts between the client and the CRO. 
  • Continuous monitoring of all tests through periodic technical visits and generation of partial reports on the status of each project. 
  • Audit, preparation, and support for obtaining accreditation for Experimental Stations.