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Agricultural products of local farmers in the grocery market
Food & Beverage, Ingredients, Dietary Supplements, Food Additives & Processing Aids, Food Contact Packaging.

Strategic studies and market intelligence, articulation of partnerships for business viability, costing, deadlines and documentation;

Technical report for classification and evaluation of regulatory feasibility of products and formulations.

Licenses and registration of companies along with ANVISA and MAPA.

Registration and notification of products along with ANVISA, MAPA and ANM.

Inclusion and extension for the use of food additives and processing aids in positive list.

Inclusion of new ingredients and claims in dietary supplements.

Risk and effectiveness assessment for approval of new ingredients, new foods and functional and/or health claims.

File for approval of “Genetically Modified Organisms” (GMO).

“Good Practices Manual” and SOPs.

Technical and scientific texts.

Preparation or review of labeling and nutrition facts information.

Nutritional marketing and communication: differentiation and enhancement of product characteristics, from labeling to review and assembly of technical and promotional materials.

Audits to comply with good regulatory practices and management of products and company on the post-registration period.

Full Technical Support and Audits (Due Diligence).

Preparation of opinions, technical defenses and lawsuits with legal support in compliance with product and company inspections: infraction and seizure notices, interdiction, official notifications and fines.

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