Our Services

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Household, Sanitizers, PCO, Public Health, Home&Garden.

Market intelligence studies, competitive analysis, pricing, potential distributors, business partnership articulation, etc.;

Strategic analysis, classification and regulatory viability of products as well the surveys of costing and investments for company and product registration, deadlines and requirements;

Local and federal company regularization licenses;

Approval and inclusion of new substances in the positive list;

Preparation of paperwork for approval of Genetically Modified Organisms (CNTBio);

Product Registration;

Development, preparation and technical review of marketing materials, primary and secondary labeling for regulatory and marketing compliance;

Laboratory test management;

Audits to comply with good regulatory practices and management of product and company post-registration;

Full Technical Support and Audits (Due Diligence);

Import and export services for products and samples for non-commercial purposes. Full support in the preparation and evaluation of documents (invoice, packing list, labeling) and intermediation with custom brokers for clearances;

Preparation of opinions, technical defenses and lawsuits with legal support in compliance with product and company inspections: infraction and seizure notices, interdiction, official notifications and fines.

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