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Plants Rows
Field Management

Studies planning for testing protocol in all R&D segments: pesticides, fertilizers, seeds (conventional and GMO) and Ag technologies;

Import and export services for products and samples for technical development (field tests and laboratory), commercial and regulatory purposes. Full support for obtaining authorization for importation, preparation and evaluation of documents (invoice, packing list, labeling), intermediating with custom broker for clearances, logistics distribution and storage of samples;

Identification of key areas for field trials in any region and season to meet product registration, marketing, screening or internal knowledge;

Selection of qualified CROs to perform each specific job;

Legal support in the preparation and analysis of contracts between the client and the CRO;

Management of field, greenhouse or post-harvest work for agronomic effectiveness, sample generation for residue analysis or other purposes;

Temporary hosting of product registration process;

Data evaluation, preparation and delivery of periodic reports;

Full Technical Support;

Continuous monitoring of all trials through periodic technical visits and partial reporting on the status of each project;

Preparation, data review, reporting and technical advice to meet Government requirements or customer needs;

Audit, preparation and support to obtain accreditation of Experimental Stations along with INMETRO, MAPA and other regulatory bodies;

Personnel training for GLP performance.

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