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Good Regulatory Practices - BPR

Studies of legal and tax intelligence aiming the companies’ opening and operations with the acting segments of the Group.

“Social Contract” and ID: assessment, survey and indication of corporate purpose and CNAEs.

License, registration, maintenance and auditing of companies in the following spheres: municipal, state and federal.

Development, preparation and technical review of marketing materials, primary and secondary labeling for regulatory and marketing compliance.

Manual of Good Regulatory Practices for companies: industry, trade, importer, exporter, warehouse, carrier, supplier and products registration.

Data evaluation, preparation and delivery of periodic reports: movement, importation, exportation, manufacture, relevant impurities, Law 10.165/00, RAPP, RETP, etc .

Support in obtaining, rating and evaluation of HS Code.

Import and export services for products and samples aiming the technical development (field tests and laboratories), commercial and regulatory. Full support in obtaining authorization for importation, preparation and evaluation of documents (invoice, packing list, labeling) and intermediating custom broker for clearances;

Support and preparation of technical reports with legal support in compliance with product and company inspections, preparation of opinions, technical defenses, lawsuits, infraction, seizure notices, interdiction, official notifications and fines.

Logistics for transportation of samples to final consignee and storage.

Comprehensive support for technical questions.

Full Technical Support and Audits (Due Diligence).

National Institute for Empty Packaging Processing (inpEV), associations, service stations and collection centers for empty pesticide packaging: preparation of documentation, logistic verification near the unit/ sale and affiliation.

Preparation of opinions, technical defenses and lawsuits with legal support in compliance with product and company inspections: infraction and seizure notices, interdiction, official notifications and fines.

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