Our Services

Biologist doing experiments with plant root

Market intelligence studies, competitive analysis, pricing, potential distributors, business partnership articulation, etc.

Strategic analysis, classification and regulatory viability of products as well the surveys of costing and investments for company and product registration, deadlines and requirements.

Support for obtaining the company certification for activities with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) - Biosafety Quality Certificate (CQB).

Preparation of paperwork for approval of Genetically Modified Organisms (CNTBio).

Development of processes for the planned release into the environment (LPMA) of GMOs.

Consultations for framing the organisms developed from Innovative Precision Improvement Techniques (TIMPs).

Audits at CQB facilities aimed at compliance with current biosafety legislation.

Obtaining CQB and company accreditation and experimental station.

Management of field and laboratory trials with GMOs.

Development of teaching didactic material and biosafety training.

Import and transportation of materials and GMOs through Prophyto (Group company), licensed with CQB for these activities.

Full Technical Support and Audits (Due Diligence).

Comprehensive support for technical questions.

Preparation of opinions, technical defenses and lawsuits with legal support in compliance with product and company inspections: infraction and seizure notices, interdiction, official notifications and fines.

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